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Candu Graphics is not trying to convince our customers of anything.
We are trying to show them how Candu Graphics will make their lives easier.

Mike Dutra

Mike Dutra is a Southern California native, growing up in Venice, California and currently living in the Conejo Valley. He has been in the printing industry for 30 years, starting off with Copy Spot in Santa Monica then moving to CopyPage in 1996. By understanding both offset and digital printing, Mike and the Candu staff can help with suggestions on how to layout and print your job meeting your needs for quality and price.

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In January 2014, CopyPage Document Services became Candu Graphics. Keeping the same core values that made CopyPage one of the leading print providers in Southern California is our priority. In addition Candu Graphics has added new equipment and services to ensure we meet your current and future document needs.

The average length of experience for our employees, in the printing industry, is over 15 years. The combination of the staff from CopyPage and the new staff for Candu Graphics enables our company to offer superior service for any print project.

Candu Graphics is a provider of document printing in the Southern California area. Our philosophy of becoming a long-term business partner with each of our clients motivates us to ensure that each job surpasses the clients expectation. Candu Graphics’ deep-rooted goal is continued growth, annual profitability, and maintaining a sense of community among our employees and clients.

Candu Graphics is not trying to convince our customers of anything. We are trying to show them how Candu Graphics will make their lives easier.
Testmonials From Valued Customers
  • Mike -

    I just wanted to mention to you the fantastic service we’ve received from Claudia and Jorge. They are professional, timely, courteous, intelligent and a pleasure to work with. I can give you countless examples of Claudia’s attentiveness, working weekends, answering calls on her cell and even catching mistakes that we have made that aren’t her responsibility. Jorge has also brought back small batches of reports that had issues the same day. Their efforts really make a difference.

    I know a lot of times in the business world, we are always quick to point out mistakes and shortcomings, but I wanted to let you know what a terrific team you have, and that they are very much appreciated on our end.


  • Hi Mike -

    I wanted to thank you and the Candu Graphics Team for the great job and service your provided with the printing of our booklet. I know it was not an easy job and was time consuming. Mr. Brown and everyone here loved them and hopefully it will be easier on the next run! It was very nice meeting Mike as well. Thank you again for your always wonderful service and quality printing!!

    With much appreciation,